Pitt Street Congregation
Uniting Church in Australia
264 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000

A progressive faith community of justice-seeking friends in the heart of Sydney.
We were delighted to have the Revd Dr Hal Taussig as our 
Faith Futures Festival guest speaker.

Dr Taussig has especially worked on features of lively progressive churches, 
and on “A New New Testament”, looking at a range of documents from early Christ movements.
These early documents from the 1st century can inform faith in the 21st century. 

Videos of these talks can be seen here when available.
Common Dreams on the Road - at Pitt Street 20-22 May 2016
Testing Tradition, Liberating Theology, Saturday 23-Jul-2016
A talk by Dr Val Web is now on YouTube:

A lecture and conversation covering themes in her latest book.

Testing Tradition, Liberating Theology