Pitt Street Congregation
Uniting Church in Australia
264 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Mainstream, Progressive

Given at our 10:00 am service on Sundays
We have a Pitt Street Uniting Church Sydney Facebook page which we use to advertise events and share news items and articles. You don’t have to be a facebook user to view the page. Just go to https://www.facebook.com/pittstreetunitingchurch

Also our minister Margaret Mayman is on facebook and happy to be friends with Pitt Street people who send friend requests.
Margaret is on Twitter @mmayman and will also set up a Pitt Street Uniting twitter feed soon.
Pitt Street on Facebook
Open to all members of the congregation. A weekend introduction to understanding and connecting to the wider church, led by Revd Bronwyn Murphy. The Sunday service will be incorporated into the weekend’s activities. A great opportunity to deepen relationships in the Pitt Street community.
Living our Values - Pitt Street and the Uniting Church
Weekend - 8th and 9th Nov-2014
This Sunday at our congregational meeting we will be reviewing our financial situation and electing people as elders and church councillors. The Church Council and Elders are also bringing to the congregation a proposal to change our governance structure. The proposal, which was emailed earlier in the week, suggests a structure that is lighter in terms of elected roles, but hopefully more participatory in terms of the tasks we engage in to resource the congregation for ministry and mission.
A Pitt Street Annual Meeting (Part 2)
Sunday, 19-Oct-2014, after the 10:00 am service at Pitt Street Uniting Church
To wish you and yours a merry Christmas and to celebrate with us our Fifteenth Anniversary of providing you with our Christmas Concerts by witnessing a breath taking interpretation of songs, arias, operettas and carols.

Enjoy a beautiful selection of music by Bach, Händel (Messiah highlights), Mozart, Verdi, Tchaikovsky, Gaubert, Lehár, Kálmán and others…along with Christmas Carols in different languages performed by acclaimed European and Australian artists.

Produced by Sylvia Virag.
Click here for a Reservation for and more information such as artists featured, venue and costs
A warm invite to our Annual Pre-Christmas Concert
“On a European note…”
Saturday, 29-Nov-2014, 05 pm, at the Uniting Church, 264 Pitt Street, Sydney